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Lives in Sandton, Gauteng South Africa · Born on November 28, 1982
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November 28, 1982
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March 15, 2015
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July 15, 2014
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Our target market is the middle to low income earners and we have seen tremendous growth in this space over the last five years. As people age, their medical aid costs rise and this tends to increase the monthly contributions. Our average beneficiary age and pension ratio are much lower than those of the vast majority of open schemes in the medical aid industry. Bonitas exists for the benefit of its members and we believe that the most important consideration when designing and costing benefit options is value-for-money, something the medical aid industry is grappling with. The industry is consolidating as more and more schemes struggle to pay claims. Our GP Network initiative is aimed at managing claims and improving the quality of healthcare service the member receives. With R2.3-billion in reserves and a solvency ratio of 36.5 percent Bonitas members can be assured that their claims will be honoured timorously and efficiently. We are a medical aid company that covers the whole spectrum from the cleaner to the CEO.
We offer the following options: Standard option – this option is the flagship of the Fund and still offers the old tried and tested reliable traditional benefits which are simple to understand by all of our members and potential members. This option is like all other Bonitas options; very transparent, you get what you buy. The majority of the Bonitas members are in this option. Primary option – this option is targeted at lower income members. It has benefits that are similar to the Standard option with lower limits than that of the Standard option. This option offers value for money and is the second biggest option in the Fund. BonSave option – this option is aimed at the young, healthy and upwardly mobile members, who can afford to pay for the day-to-day benefits out of their savings but want peace of mind in terms of major medical expenses. BonCap option – Boncap is a low cost capitated option which is targeted at low income earners and union members. It is restricted in terms of general practitioners; the member can only use doctors that are in the capitation agreement. BonComprehensive option – this option is the new generation top-of-the-range option which is targeted at the high income earners and decision makers in organizations. BonEssential – this is a hospital cover, and pricing and benefits of the option have been revised to make it attractive as a hospital cover.
Year founded: 1982
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Physical Address: 1st Floor Block G, Pinmill
Farm, 164 Katherine Street, Sandton
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P O Box 651428, Benmore,
+27 (0)11 262 7000
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